#Azazie Instagram Round Up

We love scrolling through the #Azazie hashtag on Instagram to see real women rocking our dresses. With spring just around the corner, we loved seeing dashes of color sneak into these weddings!

insta 1.png

@x0miichaela and her fellow bridesmaids all rocked Azazie gowns in beautiful burgundy.


The burgundy wintery theme continued with @tess_metcalf and her girls. We spot the Azazie Cherish, Frederica and Maren, among others!

insta 3

@lolovely looked stunning in our Azazie Norah BG (retired) sharing a dance with her new husband!


@krissiemarie looked fab with her girls who wore the Azazie (L > R)  Mia, Katrina, Kinsley (retiring Feb. 20), Mila and Mariam all in silver!

Continue sharing your posts on Instagram using  #AzazieChic and #RealWomenWearAzazie—our team would love to see you and your squa

And follow along at @iheartazazie for the latest news, looks, and promotions!

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