4 Gifts to Shower Your Besties with L-O-V-E

4 Easy, Affordable Bridesmaids Gifts

Your Bridesmaids have been by your side through it all, through thick and thin.  They play such an important role not only in your life but also in your upcoming nuptials.

It’s customary to give your Bridesmaids gifts as a thank you for their unconditional support but that doesn’t mean the gifts have to be expensive or boring!

Coffee Please! Whether it’s tea or coffee that she loves, a mug would brighten up her day and remind her of all the wonderful wedding memories. Including being part of your special day.

Find it on Etsy: MJ’s Bridal Support


Makeup Is a Girl’s Best Friend. Well, her Other Best Friend. If you’ve ever gone makeup shopping, you know there are millions of choices. But why not shower your besties with a few mini samples of your makeup staples?

A Slice of Luxury. A bathrobe oozes glamour. There’s nothing better than waking up and throwing on your fancy bathrobe to start your day.  Trust us, your bridesmaids will love you for it.


Photo Credit: Target


Get Your Geek On. Cellphones are everywhere. And we mean everywhere. Help protect your bridesmaid’s prized possession with an inspirational cell phone case.

phone case

Find it on Amazon

We’re sure your besties are bound to love these practical and cute presents! Which is your favorite?


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